Cake Tins 3 Pack - Make Cocolate Cake retro Cake tin tin storage tin

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Measurement: Maße: ca Groß: 10 x 23cm , Mittel: 9 x 20cm , Klein: 8 x 17cm
Material Composition: Blech

This beautiful and round storage tin, in 3 packs, creates space and order in the shelf and is an absolute eye-catcher. The format is particularly suitable for the storage of food, such as cakes, cookies or biscuits. The lid is easy to open and close. Practically all 3 cans can be put on top of each other by their descending size quite simply or be put into each other again for stowing.

Material: sheet

Dimensions: ca Large: 10 x 23cm , Medium: 9 x 20cm , Small: 8 x 17cm

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