Julissa 50s retro Diner Polka Dots bib bib apron apron by SugarShock


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Material composition: 100% Baumwolle
collection: Herbst-Winter 19
Measurement: Länge ca. 78cm (ohne Bindeschnüre gemessen)
Material Composition: 100% Baumwolle

The 3-layer apron was lovingly decorated with cute frills and decorative ribbons.

The bib apron can be individually tied at the neck and back for a perfect fit.

The cute Polka Dots design and the powerful colour combination are an absolute eye-catcher.

Whether baking, cooking or serving, with this bib apron you are always dressed in style even in the kitchen.

The apron is a versatile classic and inspires with its playful look.

Also a great gift idea!



Colour: red black

Brand: SugarShock

Dimensions: approx. 78cm long (measured without ribbons)

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