SugarShock Auro Shopper Handbag Swallow


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Measurement: ca 40cm breit, ca 25cm hoch, ca 15cm tief Henkel ca 26cm bzw 58cm lang
Material Composition: PVC mit Stoffbezug

The large bag is closable by a zipper, and is divided inside into 2 compartments. A small, closable inner pocket was incorporated. The robust round handles, and the length-adjustable

Shoulder strap, provide for pleasant carrying comfort.

The timeless swallow design, and the Budapest typical details with wave edge and discreet hole punching, set the bag skilfully in scene.

The removable satin bow cherry pendant and SugarShock logo embroidery are real eye-catchers.

The bag Auro  from SugarShock is just the right thing for an individual Rockabella look, and offers a lot of storage space for all your knick-knacks.

Whether in everyday life during sports or in the office, the bag is always a stylish companion.


Brand: SugarShock

Colours: grey black

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