Enamel coffee mug 20W-50 cup v. Rumble59


Stylish enamel cup in nostalgic design.

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The enamel cup "20W-50" from Rumble59 in white, is decorated with a black, high-contrast rim. On the front as well as the inner bottom was provided with a transfer burn in black.

Enamel cups are the absolute classic among coffee cups. Due to the special production method, the cup is very resistant and durable.
Due to the burnt surface, enamel goods are resistant to fruit acids and alkalis, but also resistant to bacteria and dirt.
In addition, enamel goods are a natural, non-polluting material and can therefore be recycled.

Brand: Rumble 59

Material: enamel with steel core

Colour: white/ black

Height: approx. 9 cm


Capacity: approx. 400 ml

suitable for all types of stoves, but also for the good, old camping stove

Acid and alkali resistant

Dishwasher safe

100% recyclable


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