Mr. Bear Family Wilderness Beard Oil Bart Oil

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Measurement: Inhalt: 30 ml

The "Mr. Bear Family Beard Brew" is a beard oil which makes the beard hair pleasantly soft and fragrant. It consists of 5 purely natural vegetable oils, and gives the beard a cultivated shiny look.
The effect? Excellent care. It helps the skin to become supple, protects against dehydration and makes beard hair easy to comb.


Mr. Bear recommends to wash hands and beard thoroughly before use. Use the pipette to drip some beard oil onto your hands and gently massage it into your beard hair and skin. That's it, that's it. The oil is immediately absorbed into the hair and skin. Even the hands do not need to be washed. The fragrance becomes very mild after a few minutes and remains only very discreetly perceptible.
Content: 30 ml


almond oil
apricot kernel oil
jojoba oil
argan oil
rosehip oil

Contents: 30 millilitres
Base price: 100 millilitres = 66.50€ 

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