Mr. Bear Family Brew & Balm Beard Care Set Wilderness

Swedish beard care set with shea butter

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Measurement: Total content: 90 ml

1) The Mr. Bear Family beard oil care

The Mr. Bear beard oil with its 9 vegetable oils is a real care cocktail for beard and skin. It provides the beard and the skin with moisture and vitamins, prevents itching and leaves the beard wonderfully soft. It also gives a beautiful healthy shine and a great fragrance. The beard is now perfectly prepared for the following styling.

2) The Mr. Bear Family Bartbalsam - Styling

The Mr. Bear Beard Balm provides the necessary styling. With the Mr. Bear Family Beard Balm the beard can be easily shaped and smoothed. It also contains natural oils such as orange oil, nutmeg oil and rose hip oil, which provide additional care for beard and skin. The contained beeswax and lanolin guarantee a pleasant hold and volume.

Packed in a nice sealed carton.

Made in Sweden

Contents: 1 x beard oil 30 ml (1 fl. Oz), 1 x beard balm 60 ml (2 fl. Oz)

Ingredients beard oil:

almond oil
apricot kernel oil
jojoba oil
Argan Oil
Rosehip oil

Ingredients Bartpomade:
shea butter
Beeswax (bee wax)


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