Tilda Gingham duffel bag duffel bag by SugarShock


Item-ID: 4776 / Item number SSHT-17-65-1

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Measurement: ca 45cm breit, ca 50cm hoch, ca 29cm tief
Material Composition: Canvas, Baumwoll Stoff

Great, big duffel bag, with stylish rope tunnel closure and practical, adjustable straps.

Inside a small practical, lockable bag has been incorporated.

The timeless Gingham design, the 2-tone look and the cute decorative lace are a real eye-catcher.

The Duffle Bag looks casual and sets accents. Thanks to its practical size, the duffel bag is ideal for use as a beach, sports or weekend bag.


Brand: SugarShock

Colours: black red, wine red cream dark blue

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