Mr. Bear Bartpomade Beard Balm Wilderness

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Measurement: Inhalt: 60 ml

Made from pure natural oils and ingredients. For daily beard styling and beard care. Provides a medium firm hold, nourishes skin and beard with shea butter, lanolin, beeswax and 5 natural oils. Completely free of chemicals! With a mild scent of soft green summer meadows, Swedish forest and fresh lemon breeze. Helps every "bear" to give his beard daily a light styling, soothe the skin and protect it from drying out. Handmade in Sweden.

shea butter
Apricot kernet oil (apricot kernel oil)
Beeswax (bee wax)
Jojoba oil
Argan oil
Coconut Oil (coconut oil)
Rosehip seed oil (Rosehip seed oil)

Content: 60 ml

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