50s Hairstyles Coconut Hawaii Flower retro Nickituch Hairband Hair Scarf Bandana v. SugarShock


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Material composition: 100% Baumwolle
collection: Frühjahr-Sommer 19

The SugarShock Hawaiian Flower Wipe is ideal to complete your Rockabilly hairstyle.

Simply tie it into your hair and fix it with hair clips on the sides. This scarf makes your 50's hairstyle perfect.

The scarf is cut square and can be used as a hair scarf or neckerchief.

A versatile classic, which refines every outfit.

To this scarf we also offer the matching skirts and dresses!


Dimensions: ca 55 x 55cm 

delivery : 1 piece

Colour: black multicoloured, wine red multicoloured, white multicoloured

Material: 100% cotton


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